Ryanfloyd.org is my personal domain. Boring name but to the point.

I am a founder and Managing Director at Storm Ventures where I spend all of my professional time.

The idea behind this website is to create a resource for entrepreneurs and start up executives. My main goal is to give entrepreneurs and others who might be interested in working with me better insight into my thinking and the way I work. I believe that finding a great partner is important and I understand I am not going to be the right partner for everyone.

Unless otherwise stated, these are my opinions.  Many of the posts I plan to curate from other outstanding bloggers who are much more articulate and better writers than me. I aspire to be a trusted partner and guide to the people I am fortunate to work with as a venture investor. This blog is intended to help serve that community and anyone else who finds it helpful and useful.

Please point me to other great resources that ought to be included here as I am sure it will take me time to build a great index.

Let me know what you think. Thoughtful comments welcome. Thanks for reading!


    1. PG captured an important dynamic and articulates it well. For me, the points he makes regarding truth and sincerity resonate the most. Founders that try to be something they are not are hard to fund – even if the team and idea are worth funding simply bc I believe its really hard to be successful (without being lucky) if you cannot be honest with yourself and others and be comfortable in your own skin.

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