• Quick ratio for SaaS startup
    • Insight into the optimal quick ratio, which measures growth efficiency,  for your SaaS startup.
  • SaaS Survey Part 1
    • Deep benchmarking data and insights on the growth and operations of the companies in this space.
  • SaaS Survey Part 2
    • Application delivery methods, operational costs and gross margins, contract terms, churn rates, capital requirements and accounting methods.

Research and Development

  • SaaS Infographic
    • SaaS by the numbers survey: deepest set of SaaS growth and operations data to date.
  • SaaS Metrics
    • Key metrics to understand and optimize a SaaS business, from 2 experts in the field.
    • Definitions for  SaaS Metrics
  • Management Structure
    • Best practices for employee ranges and management layers for a growing startup.
  • Predicting success using the Metrics Canvas
    • How to use the canvas to predict the future performance of a Saas company and decide whether to invest in a new Saas startup, or to double down on an existing portfolio company, and what returns to expect.


  • SaaS Sales Salary
    • Benchmarks for: salaries, commission, quotas for inside and outside reps.



  • How to build a powerful sales team
    • This post is written by Winning by Design (Storm Ventures’ in-house resource), which pioneered a scientific approach to optimizing revenue engines and implementing a hands-on coaching program for companies.