AWS Re:Invent 2014

AWS is a force. The claim is that they have 5x the capacity of all the other public cloud vendors – combined. ┬áThe pace of innovation on the platform, the quality of the services and the sheer scale on which they operate their datacenters is really impressive. James Hamilton who is a VP and Distinguished Engineer needs to write a book on the growth. It would be required reading for anyone doing anything in the cloud.

Think about this – Everyday AWS adds enough server capacity to support all of Amazon’s global infrastructure when it was a $7B business (2007). Every. Single. Day.

AWS has spent a lot of time on thinking about networking (and I think its potentially their biggest existential threat to growth). Hamilton again this year outlined how critical the network is – after all Netflix actually built their own CDN. When you think about it – this is the one area of cloud that AWS does not firmly control its own destiny. They will lay fiber and connect their datacenters but will always be dependent on the larger bandwidth providers. Maybe not – but it highlights how critical bandwidth is ultimately for so many of the applications and services – including very basic services like database replication.

Silicon Angle and theCube pulled me into an interview at the last minute – no prep time. But I shared my thoughts and perspectives. Let me know what you think!





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